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Le Locle is the home base for a huge winter sports area

With warm and sunny days and than, from evening to morning, you might be surrounded by white roofs and winter lanscapes once more!

Le Locle is the home base for a huge winter sports area

That's why we have a stock of snowshoes ready for our guests. Contact us for reservation.

We prone to walk in wintertime even without snow. Your lungs fill up with fresh air while walking fast through the old tree avenues, past the now dark green pines for not to get cold. But already you feel the tension of plants and animals waiting for spring. And don’t forget "fog" doesn't even belong to our vocabulary up in our hills. 

The main touristic hotspots such as the waterfall of the Doubs River and the Creux - du -Van are most of the time accessible with solid walking boots. 

The regional wintersports centers rent a whole variety of equipments also for cross-country skiing and snowshoe walks.  

For cross-country skiing a day or week pass is needed. 


You might not want to miss the private sauna in La Brévine

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